Thursday, 11 May 2017

cyclone cook

Set the scene
Where were you?

At home
What were you doing?

Waching tv
During the storm
How did you know the storm was raging?
(Did it start suddenly or did it build up? What did you hear? See? Feel?)
I saw rain
I felt the ground moving
How did you feel during the storm?
I felt calm
What did you do?
Wach tv
The next day
What damage had the storm caused?
Bushis had fell over
How did that make you feel?
Cyclone cook was a really big storm in cyclones in the center is a big gape in there it is not as powerful rain so it is the best place to be in a cyclone.

How it was in cyclone cook

When the cyclone was happening we did not get hit that bad the worst thing that happened was that there was a bunch of sticks and leafs on the ground we did not have a blackout like lots of other people did.but it was SO LOUD!!!.

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