Thursday, 6 July 2017

bread!!!!!! vs knife!!!

Once upon a time there lived a great warrior named knife he lived in a far away land could dishwasher kingdom. there he met many  of opponents but none of them was a good challenge knife was sad.then he met a warrior named plate “battle me you dimwit” “do you really think you can beat dump knife you must have brain damage” knife!!!! Vs plate!!!! Knife is victories “you win this one knife but “i will return and beat you in a fight knife” but even know knife won he was still sad so knife travel away from dish kingdom to find a worthy opponent.

In a far away land could kitchen ground castle  there lived a  warrior named bread there he met lot of opponents but bread was sad he could not win a single match no matter how hard he tried he just could not win so bread traveled away from kitchen ground castle to find an opponent that he could beat.then after two long journeys bread and knife met “battle me bread you idiot” “you are the only idiot here knife” bread!!!!!!! Vs knife!!! Bread and knife battle for hours and hours but then bread has an i dear so bread jumps at knife he raps around knife's handle and chucks him away bread is victories so now bread is happy that he won and knife is happy that he lost the end  

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  1. Funny story Conner. I'm very happy that bread won - i expected him to lose. Great use of speech marks :)