Monday, 21 August 2017

mammoth writing

The mammoth is me destroying the city with my huge tusk and everybody is being chickens except for the guy taking photos in the background.  I am being the strongest mammoth ever and the bravest because cops could shoot at me at any moment. After one hour, the whole city is destroyed because i am gigantic strong and evilTim-OBrien-Mammoth-in-NYC.jpg     

Thursday, 3 August 2017

stem builds

famous people

How are Famous People Good Learners?
Capture Famous.PNG
WAL how to stretch our IMITATION learning muscle.

  • Choose a famous person.the rock
  • How is your person a role model for learning?respect for his fans.responsibility with his lawyers. He shows personal best when he's fighting in wwe.  
  • What learning muscles do you think they are they strongest at? Why?personal best

  • What beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviour helped them to achieve?his perseverance when fighting.
Create a poster (can be digital) of your famous person with all of the above.rock poster

holiday pocket money

Name of problem:holiday pocket money
Describe the problem:i got $60 in holiday pocket money i spent 3-4 of it on toys.  then he spent  1-3 with what was left on lollies.finally i bought 2 pies that were $2 each how much money do i have left.
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)

  1. l   first i 60 - 30=30+15=45 so now i have $15 left then i spend 1/3 of the money on lollies so i spent $5 on lollies so i had $10 left the i spent $4 on pies $2 each so the i had $6 left and the fraction is 1/10.
Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:
i used my managing  by not talking to other people except for my group and miss coombs.i used my perseverance muscle by keeped on going and never gave up.

Making Links

Photo of the task:math photo                                                                 

cold poem

It's so cold.
So Extremely cold.
It is so cold,
Frozen Rain pours down like hail.
Dogs freeze while running,
Squirrels lie on each other’s frozen coats trying to keep them warm.
It is so cold,
Sharks freeze,
Kangaroo's legs freeze,
Pizzas bite themselves because their warm,
Shorts get frozen twice over.
It's so cold,
Pools water freeze
The frozen legs of its side get colder
Army's retreat it is too cold to fight.
Written by Conner Abraham Smith