Friday, 22 September 2017

How to

scratch animation

this is scratch animation that i made press one of these a letters on your key board and it will do a animation

click the link and then click allow and it will let you play the animation
  1. What did like about the task?that we could do whatever we wanted to  
  2. What didn’t you like about the task? I didn't not like anything
  3. What was challenging for you?thinking what you should do with your characters.
  4. Which 2 learning muscles did you use and how?i used my collaboration muscle and worked with people.i used my perseverance muscle and never gave up

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

the bike race

Today is the big day the bike race to be the best biker in the world.I am so ready because i have been training day and night but not to late at night. Also i know a little about the track i know that it can be gnarly i know that it has sharp corners and i know that it has jumps. All of those thing are pretty hard to get past but i think i can do it. But before the race i need to check some things on my bike these are the thing that i have to check i need to see if i have any flat tires and i need to check if my brakes still work so i check both of those things and there are no flat tires and the brakes still work which is good. Now i need to add a few things to my bike that will help in the race so this is what i am adding rocket boosters to make my bike go faster and i am adding blades on the wheels to pop other people's tyres. Those two things will be really helpful in the race. On race day for breakfast i have toast and a V. That’s normal food but the v will give me lots of energy which will help a lot. I went to the race now when the race was about to start the crowd went silent so silent the you could hear a pin drop i didn't know how they were doing that though it burning hot out here. go!! The starter person said as the crowd goes wild. We all raced around the track i was coming 6th now 5th now i was coming 4th. This was great but if i could just get past the person in front of me i would be in the top 3 but we were on our last lap so this was going to be hard. I almost past come on, but unfortunately the race ended. He just bait me but it was so close. After I was very tired because i went as fast as i could in the race but i would be even more tired if it was not for that V which was great